Friday, April 07, 2006

On Wednesday, Dave and I did a story on bees. We went with an exterminator to shoot him...well...exterminating! We watched as the bees busily worked on their hive during their final moments. How strange that the bees entire life's work amounted to:

A honey filled snack for me to blog about! WOW was this tasty! The honey was all warm and soooo sweet! Dave and I ate the whole hive! Well, okay, we ate a lot of it anyway! And don't think for a second that the bees sacrifice was for just ONE story to blog about:

You see, the bees made thier home in somebody's attic. Let's call the owner of this home, "Buzzy". So Dave, Buzzy and I were standing near the hive when one of the bees got real upset at Dave. It flew right in his face! Being that he had a pissed off bee in his face, and he had 2 legs, he ran from it:

Dave: "Whoa! haha!"

Buzzy: "Uh! Don't run, GOD! Just act NORMAL! That's the best thing you can do. Just ignore it! *muttering* Jesus. *eyes roll*

Yeah, Buzzy was a bit of a character. He had a certain arrogance about him. He probably couldn't wait to tell his friends about the tv crew who ran from a silly bee. Truely, Dave's jog was not spectacular. I would have long forgotten it and it certainly wouldn't be worth a blog entry... that is, until a bee paid Buzzy a little visit. I was shooting some more b-roll when I suddenly heard a YELP and a what sounded like a mix of a screaming hyena and a frightened 5 year old watching a horror flick! I turned around to see Buzzy frantically running and screaming and jumping and slapping at his head! The exterminator was cracking up! He asked me, right in front of Buzzy, if I had rolled on that. Don't worry, Buzzy, I'm not out to make you look silly on TV. Just on my blog. ;P


Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Angie, happy anniversary to you too! Sorry I'm a week late but the OT monster has me in its grip. Thanks for reading and I hope you get a shower soon. I thought I spelled something coming from the South.

John said...

When I worked in Cincinnati, I did a story about a couple whose home had been invaded by bees. Here's the thing: In Ohio, honey bees are a protected species so they couldn't simply call an exterminator to get rid of them.

Actually, they did call an exterminator. That's how they found out about the bees' protected status. They called a beekeeper who came and removed the bees, wearing no special coverering or anything. He told us that as long as we didn't swat at them or threaten them, they wouldn't sting us. "It's the last thing they want to do," he said. "Because it kills them."

This guy was telling us how honey bees are slowly dying off because of some fungus or something and that it could have dire consequences for all kinds of plants that need bees to help them pollenate.

makuahine said...

Wow, I've never heard of that happening before, I guess it's not something we get a lot of here, I dunno. Quite scary though, my two-year-old is terrified of bugs, especially flying ones, I can only imagine the hysteria that would ensue...