Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everyday, I go into work, knowing it will bring me a new and exciting (well, most of the time) adventure. I'm so fortunate to have a job in which there is no end to new experiences. Today is a momentus day....

Today.... For the first time in my life....

... I got close enough to a Tiger for it to pee on me.... and... it did.
I have never been pissed on by a gigantic cat before. Like I said, new and exciting adventure everyday!

Maybe tomorrow I will find out what it is like to spit out gasoline and light it (and my hand) on fire....

Oh, and by the way:

Even though Hartman is cute and cuddly--- she can be every bit as ferocious as:

Diablo! This is one fiesty cat!


Anonymous said...

See you soon Hartman!, and you too, Angie & Dave ;)

-Cousin Alissa :)

Ronni said...

He was claiming you. You belong to HIM now.