Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes, I admit. American Idol is my guilty pleasure. Considering they received nearly 100 million votes for the finale, chances are it's your guilty pleasure too (so stop with the finger pointing and laughing!) For the first time since I started watching the show in season 4-- there was a contestant who I really wanted to see win! He had me at 'Hello'. (couldn't resist). I wasn't supporting him just because he's from Kansas City (my neck of the woods)... Or because he looks strangely like my brother, John:


Well, okay, My friend Mark is here right now and he says he doesn't see it... But I think he's just bitter because I beat him at Wii.... Nevertheless, when Idol started out my parents and I would say "hey, John did pretty good on Idol last night.".
As the season went on, I no longer thought of him just as the dude from KC who looks like my little bro. This guy ROCKS! I admit... I even voted. Ok, now you can point and laugh.
After watching the entire season, rooting on David Cook-- the moment I've been waiting had arrived. The entire season culminated to this one exciting moment! Here it is! Me watching as they announce the winner:

Yup. That's what happened! That's how my investment of every Tuesday and Wednesday night of the year paid off! lol!
I had to goto the internets to see who won. And, *spoiler alert* Congratulations David Cook! woohoo!!


Anonymous said...

Watching you watch as they announced the winner has given me a much needed laugh today:) Don't they do that every year? One would think they would start scheduling the finale as 2hrs10min or so...ah,well, thank goodness for the internets:)

-Cousin Alissa

AMO said...

haha, yes I think next year we'll tell tivo to record for an extra half hour! After it cut out, we just switched to live tv to rewind it to that spot-- but for some reason tivo would not obey our command. Bad Tivo! Bad!