Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yeah, Brandon's wedding video is not in the mail yet. You can blame the Monte Carlo hotel and casino, not me! :)

Yes I made another trek to Vegas! I stayed at the Tropicana this time... I've never stayed there before... The room kind of smelled like a rotting, dead, fish... The bell boy wanted to have a 20 minute conversation about the tv biz after my 15 hour shift (and he got it because I'm so darn nice)... and the $20 breakfast buffet was full of rotten fruit, bacon that surely did not come from a pig and world famous cheese wiz omlets...

My collegue, MB, did not fare much better... Everynight she had to walk by quite the spectacle...

Bad Karaoke! Yeah, ok, I think I got the short end of the stick here. I would have gladly walked past some off key Celine Dione rather than breathe in the fishy stench of my room 6-8hrs a night. I have done all of my tens of readers a favor. I have braved the Tropicana so you don't have to! :)
But hey, It takes more than a smelly room, bad food, a weird bellman, and long work hours to ruin my day! I HAD AN AWESOME TIME!! I saw so many old vegas friends I hadn't seen in ages. I walked away a winner again (my luck will surely run out if they keep sending me to Vegas this often!). I had time for one nice dinner at Fusia in the Luxor.
Dave just got back home from some shopping. He says there is something for me! I'd better go and fill you in later!

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beFrank said...

I've got a fondness for Fusia. My lovely wife and I had dinner there on a Vegas "get-away" weekend a few years back.