Friday, November 16, 2007

After yo-yo-ing back and forth between being up a little in Vegas and then down a little, we decided we should stop while we were almost even again... But then, I heard this little voice calling me... I thought it sounded like Eric Cartman...

"Oh ,hi, Angie! What cha doin way over there? Why don't you come play with me? Just one last time? Hmm? C'mon, You know you want to!"


It turned out to be the Wheel of Fortune machine! I tried to ignore it, but it just kept calling. Before you all think I have some sort of gambling problem you should know I was down less than $20. haha. So I decided, what thet heck. One last attempt to SPIN!
Woohoo!! I won $100!! *balloons* *balloons* *balloons*! It will all be spent tomorrow at the big Stargate Con.
Yeah, I know... I'm outrageously cool. :D

Speaking of Stargate: The deadline is approaching for the Superfan Video Contest I entered. The 5 with the most views are automatically entered to the top 10! Mine is doing pretty good, but every view helps! :)

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