Saturday, November 11, 2006

IMG_9831 It's my blog's 1 year anniversary (on the 14th)! woohoo! A year ago Mike Wallace said I looked like I was 12. My, how things have changed! A year later--I was thought to be at least 13 during a shoot at a middle school. I think I need to print me up a hallpass for when I do school shoots. :)

I've been super busy working on the big family dvd project. Did you know we have an hour and 5 minutes worth of film for just our birthdays! I think this is going to have to be a multi-dvd set beause I want to burn it at the highest quality!
I found out yesterday about a Stargate video contest! There's only a week left in the contest, but I'm determined to get an entry in (yup, I'm that cool, people). Dave and I are going to the beach in a few for a production meeting. hehe.

Jengshamesh, I wants to highly reccomendings you see Borat. It Niiiiiiice!

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AmyM said...

happy blogaversary!

i too enjoyed some "borat"