Friday, September 29, 2006

One of the funniest things Hartman does, though very rare, is what I call: "The Hop". Once in a blue moon something will frighten Hartman to the point where she is so stiff with fear she can't get her joints to work properly! She wants to run away--yet can't--which results in the oh-so-funny hop. She somehow manages to create lift without bending or moving her legs--and hops accross the room! Imagine the above photo bouncing across your livingroom! I have also witnessed the even rarer 'pop'. Instead of hopping with forward motion-- she instantly pops super high in the air and lands in the exact same spot in her exact same halloween pose. hehe.
After the deadline crunch I was under today, I probably should have looked like this picture, too! First, I was in-house today editing a feature I had shot yesterday. After finishing that up, there was that breaking news about Congressman Foley. I started dumping Foley file into final cut as well as some stuff I'd shot off the web. This was sometime during the 4 o'clock hour. I started editing around what I thought was 4:38. Truely, plenty of time for this relatively simple edit. Then, seven minutes into my edit I heard the announcement that it was 5 minutes till air. ?? "It's not 5 minutes to air, it's 15.", I said to the producer in the bay with me. "No, that's right. It is 5 minutes to air.". I checked my phone and sure enough it was 5 till! The clock on the final cut machine was 10 minutes off!! That's a lifetime in tv news! I was planning on spending 10 more minutes on the pkg-- somehow I had to get everthing done and exported to tape in 5 minutes. I smiled at the producer and said in my laid back tone "awe, don't worry, we're sooooo going to make it" (as I imported the pre-pro that had arrived, hoping that we were going to make it!). I slapped the rest of it together and patiently waited for the 1:40 piece to finish exporting to tape. At some point during the dump to tape, the EP comes in and says "we're a minute away". I wasn't sure how much longer there was for the dump, but it seemed like we were halfway through the pkg. "This will be tight". As soon as it finished I handed it off to the EP and she took off in what must have been a sprint ala Broadcast News. Or perhaps she 'hopped' stiffly all the way to master control! I walked out of the bay about a minute later and saw the pkg on the on-air monitor! It came down to a matter of seconds. Baaaaad final cut clock! Baaaaaaad! I will trust no clock but the one on my phone from now on! Phew!


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