Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm afraid our internets are currently down. Perhaps one day, the almighty Comcast will keep their appointment and come fix it.
Prior to our service going out, got a re-design. I shot everything on the tape (with the exception of some of the live shots).
I'm using the laptop cell modem for this post, but it's too slow for a full fledged post. You'll have to wait a little longer for the exciting conclusion to Wilford Brimley's hat VS Gator pit. :)
Thanks for the comments about the shuttle launch photo! Dave captured that shot. And for the person wondering where "MacGyver" from Stargate is... He left the show after season 8. But, SPOILER ALERT, he's coming back for a handful of eps this season!


AmyM said...

i have comcast too and lately both tv and internet have been sporadic - the tv all pixel-y. i talked to a guy on fri who said that someone would come tomorrow between 5 and 7. what do you think the chances of that actually happening are? shall we take bets?

Anonymous said...

Thank God, we thought the gator had gotten you!

Hartman said...

ANGIE! Snap out of it!